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At a Glance

INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.


SINCE 2017


Opening the future of IT materials

Korea’s representative IT materials company
with an innovative spirit.

INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988 by research personnel who took the lead in the localization of electronic information materials. The sales of INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. was just KRW 1 million in its first year, but it exceeded KRW 186 billion and its sales turnover exceeded KRW 34 billion in 2013. INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. Inc. had a maximum production capacity in the semiconductor PKG and Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB) materials field and became Korea’s representative IT materials company.

Move toward the top beyond Korea.

INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. developed and mass-produced LOC TAPE successfully for the first time in 1999 and entered the IT materials market monopolized and dominated by global advanced companies of Japan, the U.S., and other countries. INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. is strengthening its position as the only company with a FULL LINEUP for semiconductor PKG business in Korea ever since. INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. has become the most competitive maker of FPCB materials in the world.

Maintaining a competitive spirit is the key to advancing toward the future.

INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., including its people, maintains a competitive spirit. We believe that, in a corporate culture, which recognizes the challenge itself regardless of success, practicing true competitiveness is the key to the future. We will continue to grow as a leading materials company in the global market with sales of KRW 1 trillion in 2020 through youth and passion, a perpetual challenging spirit, and research and development.

A green society with sharing, coexistence, and prosperity.

INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. will become a socially responsible company by contributing and sharing with the coexistence and responsibility as its motto. We will also become an exemplary company concerning the environment, following laws and ethics and accomplishing interdependence in the green society.

INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. ceaselessly growing based on
unique technological capacity

Year of establishment


Client companies


Factory area


3 factories

Production capacity

92,035 ㎢/year

(Global top)









Total revenue/Operating profit(As of the settlement in 2021)

Operating profit KRW 46.5 billion

(Revenue development)

All about INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

Asan business location with the maximum production capability in the world

Asan business place has the world’s largest production capacity in semiconductor PKG materials and Flexible Printed Circuit Board (FPCB) materials field. (Total yearly CAPA: 33,552,000㎡)

The technology research institute that leads the future of electronic and information materials

A total of 80 brilliant scholars are concentrating on developing future materials in the company annex research institute, playing a pivotal role for securing high-tech materials technology and the future growth engines.

The unique corporate culture that grows hand in hand with people

We are making an effort to have time for self-improvement of INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. people as a “Family,” not a community divided into a “Company” and an “Employee” and spread “Corporation culture growing together” based on the good faith of the merit system.

Creating a pleasant working environment to increase work efficiency

We are creating a pleasant working environment to show all unique abilities of all the members of INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. and investing in the expansion of continuous welfare facilities infrastructure generously.

Green management and eco-friendly materials company

All products of INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. are halogen-free and are made of eco-friendly materials. We will implement green management continuously in good faith with the mind-set that the environment is “Our face in the history”.

Total Management

TMS is the enterprise resource management system devised exclusively for INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.. TMS project has been making progress since 2008 and it contains all expertise of INNOX people.


  1. STEP.01 Raw materials

    We only use materials that have passed Innox IQC dimensions and import inspection in our processing.

  2. STEP.02 Synthesizing

    Liquefying and synthesizing through precision synthesizing technology of CPK 2.0 level.

  3. STEP.03 Coating

    No dust-free management technology; about ±0.5 µm when dry Applied with precision thickness control coating technology

  4. STEP.04 Slitting

    Minimum width of 2.8 mm, v width tolerance of ±0.5 mm, and testing power of 100 µm Quality microslitting

  5. STEP.05 Quality control

    Only products that have passed the CPK 2.0 level lot test are ruled as appropriate for delivery.

  6. STEP.06 Packaging and delivery

    We deliver using our own logistics system to control minute changes to the property of matter during transportation.

How to get here



Production facilities, subsidiary research center, IR-Room, corporate publicity hall, restaurant, snack corner, fitness center, coffee shop, in-house shop, basketball court, football and volleyball fields, staff training facility, guest meeting room, security facility, parking facility, a resting area, etc.

Information desk

041) 536-9999

How to get here

171 Asan Valley-ro, Dunpo-myeon, Asan, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea
Pyeongtaek Station -> Gunmun Bridge (approx. 1 km) -> turn left at Songhwa four-way junction ( approx. 5 km) -> turn left at Seokgeun three-way junction (approx. 500 m) -> turn left after exiting Unyong crossroad tunnel (1 km) -> Go straight to Asan Technovalley Jungangdoro (700 m) -> INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. (1 km)

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