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Circuit Materials Business

Invisible tech
for smart life

Invisible tech
for smart life


INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. innovatively contributed to Korea as base for technological independence based on unique technological capacity and production cost competitiveness in the thin film circuit (FPC) materials field. In addition, we are playing a leading role as the No. 1 maker in the global market.


TPU Tape

EMI Tape

Low Modulus PSA


Bonding Sheet


Step 01 _ INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.
Step 02 _ FPC Manufacturing
Step 03 _ SET Corp, End User

What is a flexible printed circuit board (FPCB)?

A flexible printed circuit board (FPCB) is a very thin and flexible bending board that replaced the existing rigid PCB. In tandem with the latest trends for lighter, thinner, shorter, and smaller IT devices with high specifications, circuit boards of cell phones, cameras, notebook computers, and wearable devices are drawing much attention and rapidly growing.
There are about 10 companies that produce FPCB in Korea and abroad. INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. produces and supplies diverse raw materials for the manufacturing of FPCBs.

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