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R&D Center

The power of

The power of

INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., the Leading Company in Electronic Information Polymeric Materials

INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. plays a leading role in localizing the core materials and securing the future growth engines and securing technology for advanced materials!

Research Institute Strategy

Characteristics of INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. R & D strategy

Characteristics of INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. R & D strategy as follows: The first, “R & D with the market and customer demands,” the second is “Securing new technology using internal and external resources,” the third is “Fusion and complexation of diverse technology,” and the fourth is “Connection with the company business strategy.” We will timely develop new products through these strategies and achieve customer satisfaction with high project performance and through the structure of the research institute’s strategy of a virtuous cycle through ability development and maximization of resources utilization.We have established detailed strategies, such as “Technology accumulation system,” “Research planning,” “Management and use of technological assets,” and “R & BD realization” and apply them to R & D for the virtuous cycle of R & D management.

Detailed Strategy of Research Institute

Technology accumulation system

  • Sharing of development information D/B
  • Reduction of trial and error through the lesson learned study and risk reduction; development cost-saving

Research planning

  • Discovery of new product ideas that connect to the management strategy
  • Building of the process and method
  • Estimation of the future environment and discovery of the product concept
  • Efficient allocation and management of research resources

Management and use of technological assets

  • Building of IP portfolio
  • Technology commercialization strategy
  • Building an integrated road map of technology and product and R & D

R & BD realization

  • Strengthening of development ability
  • Use of external collaboration and government support task
  • Determination of the originality development and optimal development strategy after analyzing the core technology

Core Competency

INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., a Leap Forward in the New Field

INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. technology research institute is creating innovative and cutting-edge materials based on the needs of markets and customers and convergence technology of new material. INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. is providing the development of core solution products, such as adhesive and pressure-sensitive adhesive tape in diverse fields, coating film, coating varnish and paste, etc., using all-purpose resins, such as polyimide, epoxy, polyester, urethane, silicone, acryl resin, etc., based on the core technology of INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., “Polymer design,” “Polymer synthesis,” “Polymer mixing,” and “Converting technology,” and combining with polymer property control technology, such as “Adhesive and pressure sensitive adhesive polymerization” and “Degeneration technology,” and process technology, such as “Adhesive tape on the film manufacturing process,” “High purity-refining technology,” “Zero defects coating technology,” “Fine slitting,” and “Defect test technology.” INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. is aiming to become the global no. 1 advanced materials company through new technology and the creation of new value based on these.

Current State of Research Personnel and R & D Investment

Research Personnel

As of June 2019

R & D Investment

Unit: KRW 100 million

R & D cost/sales R & D cost

As of the settlement in 2019

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