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Human resources system

To grow up
with you

To grow up
with you

Fully exercise your capabilities at INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd.

INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. provides opportunities for the creative development of capabilities, a pleasant working environment, and diverse welfare benefits for both the company and its staff to grow together.

Working environment

Asan Factory

The INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. Asan Factory, located in Asan Technovalley, is a factory that ceaselessly develops commensurate to our reputation as a company that is full of energy. The factory boasts of pleasant offices, research facilities, production facilities with consistent temperature and humidity 365 days a year, and diverse welfare facilities as a cutting-edge company. The factory doubles the working efficiency of INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. staff.

System infrastructure

TMS, a key enterprise resource planning (ERP) system optimally designed for INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd., enables real-time goods and meticulous major index management to minimize simple repeated work from production to quality control, accounting, sales, and management. It helps each member exercise his or her full potential.

In-house restaurant

We provide the best meals for free and operate an instant ramyeon corner and salad corner at all times, which are simple food that Koreans love. One can enjoy brewed coffee and snacks in our in-house coffee shop anytime.

Fitness center

Not only is a balance between work and health important, but finding the time to exercise while having to work most of the time is essential as well. Our fitness center has cutting-edge gym equipment, a badminton court, a squash court, a pool hall, and showering facilities available with body fat meters and gym clothes for our staff to maintain their healthy lifestyle.



For staff who want to self-develop, we provide foreign language training in English, Japanese, and Chinese, training to hone one’s business skills, and other training courses. Freely apply for and attend training for not only work-related skills, but also other training of interest even if not directly related to your work.

Invited lectures of famous speakers

INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. invites and holds special lectures of famous speakers from all parts of Korea each month for not only basic knowledge to have as INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. staff, but also basic livelihood knowledge and investment techniques. Do not come late! There may be no empty seat.

New employees training (basic and on-site training)

For fast work adaptation, we provide entry and on-site training to new employees so that they would adapt well to our company by cultivating the necessary personality, attitude, and basic capability they need to be clearly aware of and adopt.

Training tailored to each job position

For the current staff of the company, we provide professional training optimized to each position, role, and situation to improve their working capability and position and job management.


Medical welfare service

One can only maintain their health through steady health care while still in good physical shape. We support comprehensive health check-ups for our staff to objectively check in detail their health state and one can get regular health consultation from an in-house professional doctor.

School expenses support

We support our staff’s children school expenses to alleviate their financial burden and inspire morale among the staff. We support high school and college tuition. They do not have to worry about rising tuition.

Dormitory and housing support

Living in a dormitory is another fun experience to cherish at work. INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. provides a dormitory to those living in other regions and support housing for a year even after leaving the dormitory.

Support for club activities

We support the healthy leisure activities and opportunities for the staff to bond and recharge. We support club activities for the development of our staff and company as well as the creation of an active corporate culture.

Commute buses

We provide commute buses timed to the start and end of day and night working hours so that our staff would not have to ride complex public transportation vehicles and come to work tired.

Working welfare funds

INNOX Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. saves on ratio of profit made on sales for in-house working welfare funds. The funds are used only for improving welfare of our staff and to give loans to staff. They are transparently managed with a monitoring and supervision system composed of our staff.

Other welfare

To inspire working morale and enhance the staff’s sense of ownership, we provide diverse welfare services, such as stock options, employee ownership, prize for long-term employees, condominium support, stipends for unused annual leave, and a resting space for women only.

Incentive provision system

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